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VJ Advance 2.8mm

Artikelnr: 200RFSVJA2810
Lagerstatus: Leverans tid 2-4 veckor
Ett av världens tunnaste 4-vägs artikulerande videoskop från Japanska tillverkaren RF System Lab. Fyrvägs artikulering via joystick underlättar arbetet och gör att man kommer åt på de mest svåra ställen.

Full-Control Articulation | High Navigation Ability | Stand-Alone Imaging Unit

Joystick Operation

Joystick Operation

VJ has achieved more precise responses to your camera control with the joystick operation. VJ's joystick manipulates the camera tip precisely as if it is at your fingertip. The 360-degree articulation capability assists you to navigate through the curved and complex paths. VJ's full-control and high navigation abilities improve work efficiency at the inspection site.

Adjustable Brightness

Adjustable Brightness

Adjustable light source on VJ adapts to any inspection environment. The powerful light source from high-intensity white LED can be adjusted in 5 levels to facilitate appropriate probes. This feature prevents halation problems and always provides clear image in any condition.

All-In-One Unit

Stand-alone imaging unit

VJ is all-in-one unit with the functions of visual inspection, storing images*, and playing stored images. Since VJ is equipped with all the necessary imaging functions for inspection within one unit, it does not choose places or environments to operate, nor even require any other additional equipment such as PC, VTR and so on.

*Storage Media: Micro SD Card 

Battery-Powered Operation

Battery-powered Operation

VJ operates with 2 hours** runtime by 4 AAA-batteries. Since VJ is battery-powered, it does not require outside power supplies and also can be replaced with new batteries when they run out. Replaceable power source eliminates the risk of downtime.

**Time may vary depending on the battery type.